Rainy weekend, so only a little bit of progress

Posted on 20 February 2011 at 17:54 in Uncategorized.

Between all the rain this weekend making it impractical to setup my table & power tools on the driveway, and Jenn hurting her ankle rather badly, not much got done this weekend. However, two important bits did get done and can be checked off the list. The rack for the dual propane tanks, cover, and automatic switch-over showed up, so I got all those installed. I also figured out a good way to get the electric winch elevated above the channel and installed with a pulley to get the cable running exactly where it needs to go. Once I get the roof built (that won’t be for a while), I’ll give the winch it’s final adjustments.

Next on the list is building a small platform over the winch that the battery box will sit on. I also still need to adjust the linear actuators. Pulling those off to adjust them is best done with the table on the driveway, so perhaps next weekend will be sunny again.

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