More great progress on the trailer.

Posted on 30 May 2011 at 21:09 in Uncategorized.

There was a lot of progress made on the trailer this weekend. I got the running lights wired to the hazard switch, and then I got that wired into the junction box and the junction box wired up to a 7 prong trailer plug. I also got the two circuits for the pumps run, and two circuits for the lights run. The interior lights are installed and working, and the porch light has a wire run via a switch by the door. With the exception of attaching the porch light, which will be done after the roof skin gets put on, the electrical work is complete! After that, with Sam’s help, we got the lifter cables adjusted so that all four corners lift to the same height, and while I was crawling around under the trailer, we also got the copper lines for the propane run. The furnace is now properly vented on the outside and hooked up to propane, and it works great! The line for the water heater & stove is in place with the valve shut off for now so the furnace could be tested. Those will be hooked up with a couple of 3/8″ flare hoses that I need to pick up, but other than hooking up those hoses, the propane work is basically done! The final task of the weekend was to bolt the wheels back on now that the work under the trailer is out of the way. There’s still a hole to drill for the drain, but that will be towards the edge of the trailer, so the wheels won’t be in the way for that. Next weekend I need to get the aluminum for the roof ordered, and then I need to start working on installing a ton of T-nuts for the track that holds the canvas at the top. Those have to be in before the roof can be skinned. After that will be doing the plumbing for the water system.

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